Visual Instructions


Visual instructions are often used as an aid in helping accomplish a given task. Humans are visual creatures and often remember images more clearly than words. Graphics can show how something looks, how something should look after a step has been completed, relationships, and organize information spatially. They should be simple, clear and direct for the intended audience. Icons and symbols (such as directional arrows, warnings, etc) are universal ways of communicating without using words.


This exercise was a fun challenge to experiment with translating the steps of a simple science experiment, exploding, or elephant toothpaste. For this exercise I tried to capture the personality of the activity and maintain consistency through the illustrations and iconography while clearly outlining the steps and ingredients. 

How to Make elephant toothpaste

To start this exercise I began by sketching out all the ingredients and tools needed to whip up a batch of elephant toothpaste. As I drew, I started to like the simple playful quality of my lines and shapes. I eventually scanned a bunch of my drawings and refined them into icons in Illustrator. The playful aesthetic seemed appropriate for a children's science experiment but I decided to take it step further and created a more refined version.

First Instruction Design
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Final Instruction Design

I decided to try to create a more scientific and sleek looking feel to the visualization. 

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